Streamflow and Water Yield

Working at the Rocky Mountain Research Station, I had the opportunity to contribute to some really cool streamflow modeling projects. Specifically, we routed gridded baseflow and runoff values from the VIC hydrological model into streams to create daily hydrographs for every 1:100,000 scale National Hydrography Dataset stream segment in the contiguous United States.  From these we calculated streamflow metrics for historical and future periods.  Datasets are available here and by request.

Building on this work, we created a similar dataset that calculated the portion of each stream hydrograph coming from National Forests.  I created a map for each National Forest showing the major streams leaving the forest and the percent of total streamflow that the National Forest contributes.  These maps and complimentary text files are available here and an example for the Boise National Forest is shown below.


Using the same methods, we calculated annual water yield values at the VIC grid level and the HUC8 level.  We also calculated the contributions of National Forests to annual water yield to demonstrate the importance of National Forests to U.S. water supply.  This analysis is available here.